Townhouse Hamburg – Winterhude

This assignment involved the conversion of an art nouveau city townhouse from three separate apartments to a single residence. The classic front facade was preserved and refreshed with black framed windows while the garden side of the residence was reimagined with a modern glass and black aluminum construction of sliding doors which lends the open floor plan of ground floor an airy loft look.

A teak wood deck was constructed to cover the entire width of the house with a wood appointed outside kitchen becoming the central gathering point of the house in the summer.

Raising the roof of the residence by using a floor to ceiling glass and steel construction on the upper-most floor, created an extra complete level of living space with full-height ceilings and an abundance of natural light.

The goal of the interior design for this project was achieved through the treatment of the existing vintage Pitchpine floors with a darkly pigmented oil to coordinate with the dark-toned walls resulting in cozy, warm rooms. The lounge area with large comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace in the living room underscores this homey feeling. High upholstered barstools at the counter on the kitchen island create an optical break leading to the open dining room. The open staircase blends into the room because the steps are the same tone as the flooring and the railing is the same color as the nearby window frames.

All of the bathrooms as well as the dressing room were remodeled to include built-in fixtures and cabinets that were painted in the same hue as the walls to create the illusion of space and unity. Many of the custom cabinetry included full-length doors with leather handles which transforms a functional element to something luxurious.