Townhouse Hamburg – Alsterdorf

In order to convert three separate apartments in a townhouse to a generous town home for a growing family, a wooden staircase was rebuilt and redesigned to extend from the basement to the roof. The lay-out of the ground floor was re-engineered  to remove extraneous walls and to include a new generously-sized kitchen area.

On the front, street-facing side of the house, floor to ceiling windows with lattice work were added to the brick facade to gain natural light, and the back facade facing the garden was replaced with modern glass and steel walls which open to the garden.

The flooring in the entire house was replaced with aged oak floorboards, the fireplace was re-built and all baths as well as the kitchen were renovated to include the finest fixtures.

The basic concept for the interior design for the family of six was that each area in the home serves a particular function, featuring both places to gather with others as well as cozy spaces to be alone. Carpets and sideboards with a mix of warm tones help differentiate the separate areas from each other and introduced structure to the otherwise open floorplan.

Transparent linen curtains, light fabric shades and wood blinds on the windows allow for copious amounts of light but at the same time provide the desired privacy.

This project’s owner also required the inclusion of the highest level of technical amenities available, including, an entrance and inter-house intercom system, alarm system, and complete smart-home apparatus to control the heating system, lights, electrical outlets and curtains.

In order to gain enough place for the children to play, the attic was turned into a children’s playroom including a jungle gym. For the same reason, the garden which abuts a tributary of the Alster in Hamburg, was terraced to accommodate an in-ground trampoline and enough flat grass-covered space to play ball.

Multiple wood decks and terraces around the house and in the garden provide ample places to meet up with others or be alone.