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Elli Jaenigen

Creative mind and owner of be. Interior Studio

When I walk into any room, I automatically begin to formulate design ideas for it. Colours, shapes and materials have fascinated and inspired me for as long as I can remember.

Whether the project is a weekend house which could use an interior design boost to enhance its tranquility, a classic older apartment in Hamburg that needs a more stylish combination of traditional and modern furniture or a home that requires an updated, fresher look – all of these situations are exactly my element.

Since the founding of be. Interior Studio, I have been planning renovation projects and realising interior design concepts in Hamburg, northern Germany and Mallorca.

Every house is as individual as its occupant.

The be. team

The creative team at be. INTERIOR STUDIO is made up of interior designers, architects and planners. Together, we cover a comprehensive design spectrum and have a wide range of competences and creative backgrounds that provide an ideal basis for working successfully as a team.

Our network of reliable and professional suppliers and craftsmen complements our work and ensures the perfect r16ealisation of our ideas.

This enables us to fulfil all individual customer requirements and offer all services from a single source.