Elli Jaenigen

When I walk into any room, I automatically begin to formulate design ideas for it. Colors, shapes and materials have fascinated and inspired me for as long as I can remember.

Introducing contrasts, combining classic pieces with modern furniture or luxurious fabrics with pure, natural materials, is my passion. My process creates a harmonizing combination of timeless decor accessories and rare, unusual pieces. I am also pleased to recommend artwork to complete a room, if necessary.

I am convinced: every house is as individual as its occupants.
I learned this through my experiences and by collaborating periodically with Renate Rühmling of Metamorphose, located in Hamburg.

Whether the project is a weekend house which could use an interior design boost to enhance its tranquility, a classic older apartment in Hamburg that needs a more stylish combination of traditional and modern furniture or home that requires an updated, fresher look – in all these situations I am in my element.

As a team, we compliment and inspire each other and create even more ideas. It was logical that we folded this fusion of creativity into our new partnership –

Bettina Boltze

I have worked for years in real estate development, primarily in renovation of older buildings.

Based upon my true passion for architecture and my desire to preserve historical treasures while gently updating them to address the needs of modern living, I founded Lucapama GbR in 2009. Through Lucapama, I pursued these aspirations and protected the value of architectural gems for coming generations.

I can recognize the potential of a house and be creative despite the house’s beauty being obscured by unnecessary walls or layers of old wallpaper.

For homestaging assignments, I coordinate comfortable furniture and choose lighting that enhances ambience together with harmonizing wall colors so that the future renter or buyer can see the potential of a property while being relieved of the responsibility to imagine a stylish interior design.

The success, the positive response and my passion have made me focus even more on interior design and that is who our partnership came about –