Space planning and furnishing of an office in Hamburg city center

Development of a modern space and furnishing concept for the spacious, light-flooded offices in a historic office building in the centre of Hamburg.

The client wanted an optimised room layout for the 300 m2 space with two conference rooms, an area to relax, modern, ergonomic workstations and high-quality office furnishings to create a sense of well-being.

After analysing the available space, taking into account the number of employees and the functions that the office was to fulfil, we developed a concept for the optimal room layout and design of the rooms.

The spacious lounge area became the centrepiece of the office. It provides for creative dialogue and can be used for informal work discussions or breaks. The additional workstations in the round window were customised by the carpenter to create these flexible workstations with a great view for the employees.

We chose beige, grey and green tones with a subtle blue for the atmospheric colour scheme. These have a calming and productivity-enhancing effect and ensure a sense of well-being in the workplace.

The new workstation groups were equipped with height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs. For a visually and haptically pleasant and modern look, the surfaces of the desks were fitted with a linoleum surface in a uniform colour, the corners of the desks were rounded and the edges were left in oak. The modular “System 180” shelving system provides storage space and serves as an additional divider between different areas.

A harmonious mix was created by complementing the high-quality fittings and modern office furniture with classic designer furniture.

For optimum acoustics and a cosy atmosphere, the rooms were fitted with elegant, semi-transparent curtains, wooden blinds and sound-absorbing carpets from Objekt Carpet. Acoustic panels between the workstations ensure undisturbed working.

The spacious kitchen with bench and bar stools also invites people to have a quick chat.
Artificial plants create a cosy atmosphere and require no maintenance, ideal for an office.

The light-flooded office has plenty of natural light and is complemented by modern ceiling lights. Daylight luminaires provide additional brightness at the workstations.

A successful, modern and harmonious office concept that contributes to motivation in the workplace and gives employees a sense of well-being.