Apartment Hamburg – Eppendorf

The priority was to make the kitchen the focus and the central gathering place in the apartment. The kitchen was intended as the place where the family and friends should meet and hang out.

The room that formerly housed the kitchen became a teen’s modern bedroom complete with custom built-in cabinetry.  The living room and dining room were also swapped and all rooms were newly furnished. This process allowed for the interspersing of modern design classics to compliment valuable and cherished antiques. In all rooms, custom closets were integrated and an additional separate dressing room was included.

Curtains and roman shades made with a heavy linen as well as wood blinds and unique carpets underscore the cozy and stylish atmosphere. The existing, original, pitch pine wood floors were also given a new modern look through a process of sanding and treatment with a grey-toned wood lye.

The final product was completed with the selection of complimentary artwork.