Children’s Room – Kidszone

Every time we design a child’s bedroom it touches us deeply.

Offering a child the opportunity to develop and grow in an environment that appeals to its senses, without overloading it, and animates its games and ideas, without overpowering with toys, is our greatest wish.

We often focus on playing structures that foster the child’s natural inclination to move und encourage their fantasies. Climbing ropes and nets, swings, rung ladders, upholstered foam cubes, mattresses and floor pillows are all elements that best serve these purposes.

Our priority in planning a child’s room is finding storage solutions so that the child can maintain order in the room by themselves and find their things.

Including a bold wallpaper on one wall in a special pattern or with pictures that the child really enjoys, while painting the other walls in a more subdued tone, provides for an interesting contrast and makes room for striking accessories including, stuffed animals, blankets or pillows.

We typically recommend furniture and built in cabinetry in muted colors because parents as well as children should find these spaces comfortable.